Matfer Swing Salad Spinner 5 Gl

A professional salad spinner

Body and basket made of food safe polypropylene with polycarbonate lid. New compact spinner with transparent lid, capacity approximately 4 to 5 heads of lettuce. Supplied with the drainage tube.

  • Transparent lid allows you to see level of spin.
  • It’s low, wide shapeprovides proper stability.
  • The wide aerated basket ensures effective spinning.
  • the multiple gear system provides good flexibility and requires less effort when turning handle.
  • Capacity 5 gallons.
  • Made in France.
  • Diameter 18 1/8”.

Professional salad spinner

2 Year Warranty.
Made in France.

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See how Executive Chef and Restaurant Owner Claud Beltran uses Matfer’s Products to Create Paella Perfection!

“For me, it is all about quality and authenticity. I only use the freshest of seasonal ingredients and the tools I use to make a dish have to be of that high caliber too. As an engineer who became a chef, I really respect the design, efficiency and durability of my professional kitchen utensils.”

Executive Chef Claud Beltran, Co-Owner, The Eatery and Bacchus Restaurant

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