Exoglass® High-Temp Kitchen Spatula

The Matfer Bourgeat Exoglass Kitchen Spatula is a a hygienic, durable, and versatile alternative to wooden spoons. This spatula is available in 6 sizes, each sold separately. Manufactured in France, this spatula is comprised of Exoglass, a proprietary composite material developed by Matfer. Exoglass is non-porous, easy to clean and can be sterilized, and its long-lasting material will not deteriorate or rust over time, and will not trap aromas, flavors, or moisture like wooden spoons. Ideal for stainless as well as nonstick cookware. Heat resistant to temperatures up to 430° F.

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MULTI-PURPOSE KITCHEN TOOL: Safe on nonstick, stainless, carbon steel, and other cooking surfaces, this kitchen spatula replaces wooden spoons with a hygienic, durable, polyamide material.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Comprised of one-piece Exoglass material, developed by Matfer, making this spatula highly durable, non-stick, non-porous, and easy to sterilize. Will not absorb aromas, flavors, and moistures like wooden spoons.

HEAT RESISTANT: Can be used with temperatures up to 430°F, keeping its original shape and will not lose its form

AVAILABLE IN 6 SIZES: This spatula is available in 6 sizes; each is sold separately

MADE IN FRANCE: Ensures high standards for durability, performance, and hygiene for both commercial and residential use

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9 7/8", 11 7/8”, 13 3/4”, 15 3/4”, 17 3/4”, 19 3/4”