Exoglass® Utensil Products

Exoglass® High Temperature Plain Pelton Spatula, Grey

VARIETY OF USES: A fine, flexible edge allows you to turn fish or omelets without damage while standing up to heavier stovetop tasks. Offset handle makes for ergonomic use. Exoglass®  material is compatible with nonstick cookware

MADE IN FRANCE: Matfer Bourgeat ensures high standards for durability, performance, and hygiene to meet the standards of professional kitchens

HEAT RESISTANT: Can be used with temperatures up to 430°F


Matfer Bourgeat Exoglass® High Temperature Plan Pelton Spatula is designed to exceed your high standards for durability, performance, and hygiene in professional and home kitchen alike. Manufactured in France, the Pelton Spatula is comprised of Exoglass®, a proprietary composite material developed by Matfer. This material is non-porous, easy to clean and safe for nonstick surfaces. Heat resistant to temperatures up to 430° F, and designed to maintain its edge and ergonomic shape through heavy commercial use. NSF certified and dishwasher safe.

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Grey, Black