Matfer Exoglass® Strainer

Matfer Exoglass® strainer is resistant up to 430° F. Dishwasher safe. Made of heavy duty composite material designed for intensive use. Used to make fine stuffings and to strain sauces. – One-piece ergonomic handle, comfortable insulated handle, body and handle made of one piece composite material, hygienic stainless steel mesh, stainless steel protective cross wires, two hooks for extra stability.
Weight: 1 lb.

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Executive Pastry Chef Pierino Jermonti embraces the spirit of the season and works his sweet magic with Matfer products!

“Being a pastry chef is a focused art. To create is an art but to do it well- to master it-takes time and attention to every detail. Use the best ingredients and finest utensils to get the best results. Care about everything. Make sure your pastry toolbox is fully equipped to make complicated processes more simple. Matfer products for pastry are absolutely the best and I can show and tell my team all about them by exposing them to the various items. My personal toolbox is filled with Matfer materials from spatulas to pastry brushes, cutters, whisks and tips.”

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See how Executive Chef David Codney uses Matfer’s Products to create a sensational Chilled Summer Soup.

“Matfer’s materials are the best. Each product is a winner. I was introduced to them at CIA where I graduated. Since then every established kitchen I’ve ever worked in has always had Matfer items. I’ve used the various elements throughout my career and they never ever let me down. They just hold up. You can tell Matfer designers talk to chefs and respect the cooking process from start to finish by the items they produce. I love the subtle touches in their designs- the handle grips, the steel pans, the jars. The high quality of Matfer is a respectful extension of what I do. Begin and end food preparation with focus and respect. Respect the tools, respect the process, respect the ingredients and you get a phenomenal result.” – Executive Chef David Codney, The Peninsula – Beverly Hills

See how Chef Johnny Besch uses Matfer’s Products to create Duck Liver Parfait with Elder Flower Gelée.

For several years, Matfer and chef Johnny Besch cultivate a trusting relationship around a common value: the respect in the work of the product. Chef Johnny Besch attaches importance to the choice of ingredients that he will then work with. Together, we strive to sublimate the products when they come to be cooked. A desire we find when he evokes the Matfer utensil he prefers: the dough scraper, A Matfer utensil that has followed him around for several years, and which is in line with his vision of cuisine, where the product is at the center of attention and should not be wasted.

More with Chef Johnny Besch in his feature Chef Spotlight

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