Exoglass® High Temperature Spoon, Tan

VARIETY OF USES: Great for cooking as well as serving; use multiple color options to identify allergen-free utensils, or add a splash of color to your serving or cooking utensils.

AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES & 4 COLORS: Available in Blue, Red, Purple, and Tan. Tan color is available is lengths of 11 7/8″, 15″, and 17 3/4″; All sold separately

HEAT RESISTANT: Can be used with temperatures up to 430°F; won’t deform or deteriorate


The Matfer Bourgeat Exoglass® Spoon is a highly versatile and durable multi-purpose utensil designed to the specifications of professional chefs. Where traditional wooden spoons can crack, absorb bacteria and odor, and deteriorate over time, the Exoglass® High Temperature Spoon remains hygienic and durable during heavy professional use. Manufactured in France, this spoon is comprised of Exoglass®, a proprietary composite material developed by Matfer. Exoglass® is naturally nonstick and suitable for use on all cookware, including non-stick pans. NSF certified and dishwasher safe. This spoon is available in 3 sizes, as well as 4 different colors, all sold separately.

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11 7/8”, 15”, 17 3/4”


Red, Blue, Purple, Tan