Flexipat® Sheet

A BAKING COMPANION: Used for baking a variety of cakes and biscuits or layering fruit jellies, ganaches, coulis, crème brulee, and more

NONSTICK MATERIAL: Made of Demarle’s Flexipat® material with flexibility support, and nonstick properties making for easy turn out with heat resistance from -40°F to 580°F

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Designed to ensure constant thickness and is reusable approximately 2000 to 3000 times


The FLEXIPAT® has all the advantages of the FLEXIPAN® with its flexibility, support and non-stick properties, which makes turn out easy.  It is used in a similar manner as the EXOPAT® due to its flatness.  Flexipat features raised edges in its design and it allows Flexipat to be used in a variety of ways:

– spread or pour any type of preparations: fruit jellies, ganaches, coulis, crème brulée etc.
– bake biscuits.
– obtain a sheet ready to assemble in frames, without wasting material.
– ensure constant thickness.

Mold turn out does not cause any problems because of the flexible and non-stick properties of the FLEXIPAT®.  It is very easy maintenance: just dip in soap water and clean with a soft sponge. For drying, place in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes at 212° F.”

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3/8", 3/4"