Blue Steel Oven Baking Sheet

For breads or pastries. Heavy duty. Thickness 1/32”. Specially designed for ovens, with 4 gripped edges. Superior quality, deburred, very distortion resistant.

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Culinary beauty and the impeccable taste of a dish should go hand in hand. As a chef, you know the perfect presentation of a dish is as important as the perfection of its flavors. Chef Derrick Peltz successfully took a leap of faith by crowning classic ingredients duck and cherries with a beautiful lattice arch using Matfer’s Lattice Cutter and then surrounding the stunning main course with a colorful seasonal cauliflower.

As a creative chef, your puff pastry dish will reign supreme when you use Matfer’s Lattice Pie Cutter, Exoglass ® Sieve Strainer, Excellence Sauté Pan, High Mousse Ring, Hand Held Cherry Stoner, Ceramic Fry Pan and Stainless Steel All-Purpose Tongs.

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15 3/4”, 23 3/4", 25"