Exopat® Baking Mat, Nonstick

VARIETY OF USES: Use for baking, proofing, and prepping a variety of ingredients, breads, and baked goods.

DURABLE & NON-STICK MATERIAL: Made of food-grade silicone with a woven fiberglass interior, guaranteed for at least 3,000 uses

HIGHLY COMPATIBLE & TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: Microwave, oven, and freezer safe. Temperature tested from -40°F to 580°F


The Matfer Bourgeat Exopat Baking is a silicone baking mat designed to the specifications of professional bakers and pastry chefs. Manufactured in France, this baking mat is made of pure food-grade silicone with a woven fiberglass core for extra durability, built to stand up to a minimum of 3,000 uses without drying, tearing, or deterioration. Consistently nonstick to avoid unnecessary greasing. Microwave safe and temperature tested from -40°F to 580°F. Easily clean and uncurl your mat by soaking in warm, soapy water. Available in half-sheet an full-sheet pan sizes. Note: Do not cut

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11 5/8", 16 3/8"