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Excellence Stainless Steel Tall Stockpot w/ Faucet

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: To ensure your 100% satisfaction, we provide a Lifetime Warranty with purchase of Matfer’s Excellence Cookware

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of smooth, polished, and fine stainless steel material that retains heat to ensure the perfect cooking distribution

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Has two cool-touch handles with comfortable grip that are watertight to the base, and a tapered rim making pouring drip free and transferring product from pot as easy to use as possible

NSF LISTED: Matfer’s Excellence Cookware is French NF and USA NSF listed, ensuring safe and healthy use every time

MADE IN FRANCE: Ensures high standards for durability, performance, and hygiene for both commercial and residential use

9 1/2”

Capacity: 11 1/2 qts.


This Matfer Bourgeat Stainless Steel Tall Stockpot w/ Faucet is a part of Matfer’s Excellence Cookware line, which is designed to deliver both a high quality cooking performace and an ergonomic experience resulting in ultimate efficiency and comfort, excellent standards for anyone ranging from professional chef to home cook. This stockpot is available in a choice of 5 sizes as well as matching lids, all sold separately. Manufactured in France, Matfer’s Excellence cookware is made of a stainless steel body and an aluminum “sandwich bottom” with shape memory, that retains heat to ensure the perfect cooking distribution throughout its skirt and base. It comes with a faucet so that you can accurately portion your servings, and to safely serve hot soups, broths, and more. This pot has two handles that are insulated in stainless steel tubes, ensuring a cool touch support and ultimately comfortable grip when lifting and pouring. Meanwhile, it’s tapered rim makes pouring drip free and transferring product from pot as easy to use as possible. These handles are also constructed into the pot watertight, preventing bacteria from being trapped and certifying sanitary and hygenic use. This cookware is also NSF Listed further making it safe and healthy to use. To clean, simply hand wash with a mild detergent and warm water, and to keep it looking new and shiny, try using Matfer’s Bistro Stainless Steel Cleaning Cream, sold separately. Our ultimate assurance of your satisfaction of this high quality cookware, is a Lifetime Warranty provided with purchase.

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9 1/2", 11.5 qts, 11", 18 qts, 12 1/2", 26 qts, 14 1/8", 38 qts, 15 3/4", 53 qts