Black Steel Paella Pan


Curved sides, two handles.

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See how Executive Chef and Restaurant Owner Claud Beltran uses Matfer’s Products to Create Paella Perfection!

“For me, it is all about quality and authenticity. I only use the freshest of seasonal ingredients and the tools I use to make a dish have to be of that high caliber too. As an engineer who became a chef, I really respect the design, efficiency and durability of my professional kitchen utensils.”

“The Paella Pan is a stunner. It is heavy and thick enough for the broth to boil the rice yet the sides are high enough to build the elements. Most importantly, it distributes the heat evenly for balanced cooking. It’s a terrific size that can serve 6-8 people. I love that it goes straight from the oven to the table.”

Executive Chef Claud Beltran, Co-Owner, The Eatery and Bacchus Restaurant

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14 1/8”, 15 3/4”, 17 3/4”