Matfer Professional Mandolines

Matfer Professional mandolines have been designed to be easy to use and ergonomic in intense commercial food prep environments. One of the best professional mandolines and professional cookware utensils.

Frame and safety guard/pusher are made of heat resistant, nonporous composite fiberglass. Blades are crafted from high carbon stainless steel. The mandoline’s slicing blade has both a straight edge and serrated edge. The safety guard or pusher protects your hands from the blade. The julienne blades create vegetable/fruit sticks of various widths. The stainless steel guiding plate located on the upper section of the mandoline, adjusts to vary the thickness of the vegetable/fruitslices. The straight edge of the slicing blade is ideal for slicing a variety of foods from carrots and cabbage to lemons and potatoes. The serrated edge creates crinkle and waffle cuts.

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