Matfer Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set, Set of 8

Complete Copper Cookware set featuring Bourgeat Copper Saucier, Casserole, Sauce Pan, and Sauce Pot.

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Total Weight: 38 lbs.

THE ULTIMATE 8-PIECE SET: Combines Copper Casserole Pot, Copper Sauce Pan, Copper Flared Sauce Pan, Copper Heavy Saute Pan, along with matching lids, into one complete eight piece set

VARIETY OF USES: Curated for a complete set of kitchen tasks, from sauteeing, searing, braising, simmering, and more

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: 2.5mm thick Red Copper lined with 18/10 professional grade stainless steel interior. No need for retinning

CONVENIENT TO USE: Transferring sauce from pan is easy as cast iron handle and grip ensures reliable cool touch support and balance when lifting and pouring, while its tapered rim makes for a drip-free pour

MADE IN FRANCE: Ensures high standards for durability, performance, and hygiene for both commercial and residential use