Stephane Treand

Matfer Bourgeat is delighted to feature 2008 World Pastry Champion and pastry chef Stephane Treand in this month’s A PASSION FOR TASTE. A native of France, Stephane holds the esteem privilege of being an MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France), the highest honor a pastry chef in his country can earn. We spent a delicious and informative afternoon with Stephane at his Pastry School, The Art of Pastry, where he spoke about Matfer, pastry and this month’s Taste & Traditions: Tarte Bourdaloue!

Q: Your creations are amazing! What inspires you?

A: Pastry, sugar and chocolate!!


Q: What do you think of the Matfer Exoglass Tart Rings?

A: I love the fiberglass component and the smooth sides. I like that the height of the ring’s side is higher than other makes which makes the baked tart rim stronger. It held the heat and distributed it really well so it is golden all the way around.


Q: Why do you like making the Tarte Bourdaloue?

A: I love making tartes using a pastry base with some traditional pastry cream and then being creative in the presentation. The Tarte Bourdaloue is a classic French tart that I have been making throughout my career. I love pears and almond together and the mix and balance here in flavor is perfect and getting the texture right is most important. I teach that to my students all of the time!


Q: You added a personal look and touch to your tarte with this beautiful green circle that is chocolate! What made you think of that?

A: Well I love chocolate and I am also a master chocolatier so I like getting chocolate into my desserts.  Pears and chocolate naturally go together in something like a Poire Helene so I thought this would be a modern touch with a bit of elegance with the gold leaf on a golden classic.


Q: What is it about the Matfer products that make a difference to the outcome of your different pastry specialties?

A: Matfer products are the best of the best! . I have used their products since the beginning of my career. They are classic but stay ahead of the trend in what might make my job easier and the durability of the items are fantastic. If you want the best outcome you begin with the best of everything from the tools to the ingredients. It is the quality of all of the Matfer tools and products that make a huge difference in the preparation and outcome of each dessert. In fact, each student in my class receives a Matfer Tool Box of essentials to get their education and career as a pastry chef off to the right start.


Q: What essentials do you make sure is in a student’s Matfer ToolBox?

A: A large spatula, a medium whisk, a 25 cm palette, a pastry brush & rolling pin to name a few! And they receive 8 pastry tips to get started.

Q: What is your favorite dessert to prepare?

A: An Éclair. I love working with the choux pastry and piping in the pastry cream filling. I use the Matfer pastry bag & tips all of the time! I love thinking of new looks for the éclair too.


Q: And your favorite dessert to eat?

A: An Éclair Café


Q: What do you consider the ultimate classic dessert?

A: Éclairs I like that it is a classic French dessert but you can always put a new twist on it with the filling or the icing or glaze on top.


Q: The writer Ernestine Winer became famous for the quote “life is uncertain, eat dessert first” Do you share that same philosophy?

A: Bien sur! Something sweet is always the most important part of the meal!


Q: What would that dessert be?

A: An éclair.


Q: What are your favorite Matfer must-have tools?

A: The Whisk and the Offset Spatula. I also really like their pastry bags and tips. They also have a piping bag holder that’s great.


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