Getting Rooted for a Happy & Healthy New Year

By Mara Papatheodorou, Your Tastes & Traditions Expert

Happy 2015! The end of one year and the arrival of the next bring renewal and restoration, hope and commitment to what lies ahead. The most popular resolution every January 1st is to lose weight and to make healthy choices. And since the evolution of humankind, root vegetables have been making a mark as an essential part of a well-balanced meal and culinary regime. From the Eastern Mediterranean to Northern Europe to Asia and America, these almighty vegies have always been present. They were the first to be farmed in Ancient Greek, Roman and Viking times. Scandinavians, Russians and American Colonials relied on them to carry their appetites through harsh winters. Hence the root cellar! Parsnips are cousins to carrots while bountiful beets and regal radishes are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that add vigor to your system and joy to your palate. They grow deep and sprout slowly arriving on the plate with beauty and grace becoming the true prince and princess of the vegetable kingdom.

Beauty is in the eye of the root vegetable and this ravishing root vegetable medley salad is a sight to behold. For a healthy happy start to 2015, see what earthy cousins galore come together to create this show-stopping stupendous dish created by David Padilla, Executive Chef, On Rodeo Restaurant LUXE Hotel.

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