Terrine Territory

By Mara Papatheodorou, Your Tastes & Traditions Expert

Matfer Bourgeat Terrine

It is March and meat matters, particularly pork! Terrines are a terrific way to bridge the culinary gap between the coolness of winter and the sprouting of spring.

In French “terre” means earth and the terrine is a highly regarded cold pressed meat appetizer or entree in France. However, the terrine’s actual origin dates back to the Romans. Whether pig, duck or goose, they sliced, diced and ate all parts of the prey that they hunted. Yet, it was the innovation of the French Chefs during the Middle Ages who used rectangular loaf earthenware they called “terrines” to create memorable meaty masterpieces for the royal court meals and ceremonial feasts.

In the early nineteenth century, Napoleon liked the practical purpose of serving his troops slices of cold salted and preserved pressed pork or fowl alongside chunks of baguette. Farmers and butchers went on to make “meat loaf” from their livestock and crops that then became a routine lunch item for French laborers.

Today, the Romans’ rustic ritual of using the whole animal in a terrine loaf continues. Truly a timeless kitchen classic, the triumphant terrine has experienced a welcome resurgence as a refined and flavorful part of a meal. In fact, it never really went away. It kept its delicious presence close to its French roots until now where the terrine leaves its mouthwatering mark on menus worldwide!


Matfer Featured Chef Excecutive Chef Marissa Gerlach

Pigs and truffles have always been a match made in hog heaven! With a little help from fresh herbs, mushrooms and other vegetables, see how they marvelously merge into an enticing earthy yet elegant terrine from a clever chef and her pig.

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