Tarte Tatin

By Mara Papatheodorou, Your Tastes & Traditions Expert

Legend says that one busy day in 1888, the family owned Hotel Tatin in LaMotte-Beuvron just outside of Sologne, 100 miles south of Paris, was fully occupied. Inn owners and sisters, Caroline and Stephanie Tatin, had a stressful afternoon tending to the arrival of guests and their needs. The oven was warm and the apples were simmering stovetop in brown butter and sugar when a distracted Stephanie Tatin messed up what was going to be an apple pie. With little time before dinner, she augmented the preparation, placed the uncooked crust over the apples in the heated skillet and finished baking it in the oven. She hoped no one would question or notice this different type of dessert. Imagine her joy and suprise when the patrons raved about the evening’s sweet finish – an upsdie down beautiful tart featuring perfectly caramelized apples. Voila the senstaional and now culinary classic Tarte Tatin. It became the hotel’s signature dessert and is still served there today. Two fans of this sweet creation were renowned French epicure Curnosky, also known as the Prince of Gastronomy, and Louis Vaudable, the owner of Maxim’s, who claimed to have tasted it at the Hotel Tatin. He never forgot its magical taste and had it recreated as Tarte des Demoiselles Tatin (tart of the two unmarried sisters), in honor of Stephanie and Caroline. It later became Tarte Tatin on their menu too and the rest as they is delicious history.

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