Foie gras with smoked apples by Grégoire Berger – Restaurant l’Ossiano - Dubai

Apple confit

10 apples
140 g cider + 140 g apple juice
4 g agar agar
1 gold leaf
30 g sugar

Peel and cut 10 apples into brunoise. Make a caramel with the sugar and deglaze with the cider and apple juice. Confit the apples, add the agar-agar and boil for 15 seconds. Mix well and allow the confit apple preparation to cool. Fill Gastroflex half-spheres with confit and deep freeze. Optional: Set aside about 20 apple cubes and dry for 3 hours at 60°C/140°F to make confit apple candies.


270 g butter 82%
230 g rice flour
6 g sea salt
130 g cornstarch
300 g ground almonds
2 g ground cinnamon

Mix together all ingredients to obtain a soft crumble mixture. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Roll the dough out on a Silpat; cut disks from the dough with an Exoglass cookie cutter. Turn upside down on a half-sphere Gastroflex tray of the same dimension and bake in a convection oven at 140°C/285°F for 10 minutes.


1 kg raw foie gras
225 g cream
15 g black pepper
15 g sugar
7.5 g salt
9.5 gelatin leaves
3 g salt

Season the foie gras with salt and pepper. Singe the foie gras with a blow torch. Cut large pieces of foie gras, place in a sous-vide bag and cook at 54°C/129°F for 30 minutes. Heat the cream, sugar and salt. Add the well squeezed bloomed gelatin leaves. Add the cooked and cooled sous-vide foie gras. Bring the mixture to a temperature of 45/48°C (113/118°F) and mix with an immersion blender. Strain through an Exoglass strainer.

Ganache piping

Pipe some of the ganache in a spiral on the outside of gastroflex half-spheres. Then fill the half-spheres of the same size with the ganache. Cover each half-sphere with a disk of baked shortbread cut with a cookie cutter.


300 g caramel sugar
300 g cider
300 g fresh apple juice
40 g vegetable gelling powder

Bring all liquids to a boil. Add the vegetable gelling powder. Dip the balls in the glaze.

Cider jelly (decoration)

350 g non-alcoholic cider
150 g lemon juice
30 g sugar
60 g glucose
1 vanilla bean
8 g pectin X-52
150 g sugar
2 g citric acid
6 gelatin leaves

Bring all the liquids to a boil. Mix together the pectin and sugar and add to the mixture. Separate a small amount of the mixture to use as dots when plating, and set aside. Add the citric acid and well squeezed bloomed gelatin leaves. Set on a tray at room temperature and cut 6 mm cubes.


Lightly scrape the base of the shortbread disks for a stable base. Spread toasted bread crumbs in the center of the plate using a stencil. You will find a taste that is beautifully paired with the foie gras. Make small dots with the cooled cider jelly and mix with a little gold leaf as well as the small cubes of set cider jelly. Add the dried apple cubes which look like confit candy. Place the shortbread in the center, then the frozen balls and spiral of ganache. Add a thin slice of Granny Smith apple on each spiral and a touch of gold leaf.

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