Chilled Summer Soup!

By Mara Papatheodorou, Your Tastes & Traditions Expert

Matfer Taste and Tradition Chilled Summer Soup

No matter what the season, soup is sublime and soulfully delicious. But sipping soup in the summer?!? Absolutely! This bountiful bowl of liquid is the ultimate palette pleasing paradox. When served hot, each spoonful warms us from the inside out and when served cold, cools us off from the outside in.

Soup’s start is as simple as it is humble. A mound of mud mixed with water created a pot and a bowl. Hunters and gatherers, fishermen and fishwives, and farmers and gardeners found that by placing their prey, catch, or crops into a pot of water, and heating it over an open fire, a hearty meal was born.

Derived from the Latin word “suppara” meaning to soak, linguists later found the word transferred to Old French as “soupe” and the term stuck. In the centuries since then, the elements have rarely varied, and soup is a much respected and time-honored international tradition.

Every culture and cuisine proudly presents their special soothing version of this fortifying recipe with local flavors and flair, hot or cold. Its filling and restorative attributes actually contributed to the official word “restaurant,” where the must-have course was always soup. Its popularity has never wavered, and it remains a timeless classic choice on today’s menus too.

As chefs broaden their ingredient scope and patrons’ taste buds crave diverse combinations, a sweet or savory soupy option with a cool twist is now as normal a choice as the hotter alternative. Nothing empowers the intense flavors of fresh fruits or vegetables more than when whirled, twirled, emulsified, and pummeled to create a luscious, creamy, and chilled concoction.


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