Tin-Plate No. 5 Food Mill


Known in France as a moulin á légumes, this
classic low-tech tool treats food more gently than food processors. It purees and strains ingredients at the same time, producing a perfectly smooth, even texture. When you
turn the crank, a rotating blade pushes foods
through a perforated disk into a bowl, leaving unwanted fibers and particles
behind. Cooks make the most of autumn’s root vegetables by using a manual food mill to create flavorful purees – the perfect accompaniment to roasted poultry and meats.Made of tin-plate, with a system of double milling on the bottom and sides. Capacity 8 quarts, produces 10 lbs per minute, fits on any pan or bowl with a diameter of 10 1/4” to 24”. Comes with 1/8” basket-shaped grid.
Diameter 14 1/4”.
Weight: 5 lbs. 9 oz.

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