Set of 10 Interchangeable Pastry Tips


Designed to meet requirements of hygiene. The MATFER polycarbonate decorating tubes are unbreakable and do not lose their shape. On account of their transparent nature, air bubbles can easily be spotted. They can be used with both nylon pastry bags as well as disposable pastry bags due to their large support roll.Poly carbonate pastry tips with 2 couplers – can be adapted to any pastry bags – allows to change the tip without emptying the bag. Box of 10 tips: 3 fluted (E8, D8 and C6), 3 plain (U6, U4 and U2), 1 leg tip BU8, 1 nest tip, 1 petit four tip PF10 and 1 leaf tip no.2 as well as 2 impermeable couplers with adjustable tips.
Weight: 7 oz.

Executive Pastry Chef Pierino Jermonti embraces the spirit of the season and works his sweet magic with Matfer products!

“Being a pastry chef is a focused art. To create is an art but to do it well- to master it-takes time and attention to every detail. Use the best ingredients and finest utensils to get the best results. Care about everything. Make sure your pastry toolbox is fully equipped to make complicated processes more simple. Matfer products for pastry are absolutely the best and I can show and tell my team all about them by exposing them to the various items. My personal toolbox is filled with Matfer materials from spatulas to pastry brushes, cutters, whisks and tips.”

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