Matfer Scraper

Very resistant. Multipurpose, scrapes just about everything.

Length 4 3/4”

Width 3 3/4”

Weight: 1 oz.

“The Scraper! I love it and rely on it so much that I even carry one in my purse! And I’m not kidding!! It is the perfect tool –really flexible yet durably firm—ideal for the most delicate meringue or thick pastry cream. It is super thin so it bends back and forth which lets me fiddle with my fillings as well as catch every drop and scrape. I also can make every spread incredibly smooth with it.” – Executive Pastry Chef, Vanessa Mendoza Johnson, Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey.

See how Executive Pastry Chef Vanessa Johnson Mendoza uses Matfer’s Products to create “Flan Happiness”.

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