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Giesser Messer Knife

These knives combining tradition and quality are made in Germany by Giesser Messer, cutlers since 1865.
– Vacuum-treated stainless steel blades ensure improved cutting.
– High-quality chrome/molybdenum steel.
– Non-slip, non-porous, sterilisable handles.
– Handle shape ensures user comfort regardless of the type of use.

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James Beard Nominee and Iron Chef America Winner – Executive Chef Eric Greenspan hasn’t met or built a kitchen without Matfer products…here’s why:
“Matfer items have been in front of me throughout my career from cooking school to all of the kitchens I trained in and then worked in or ran. They are beyond durable and the breadth of variety of high quality equipment impresses me and meets my needs for each restaurant. It says a lot that one brand cares about all aspects of cooking from the smallest spatula or spoon to the pots and pans. I love the mussel pot and lid, they are perfect for cooking and serving.” – Chef Eric Greenspan

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in his feature Chef Spotlight

“ Excellent ingredients and excellent equipment creates excellent dishes ”

– Chef Brendan Collins

“I love roasts. Being British, a roast feels very second nature to me. In fact instead of Sunday Brunch, I do Sunday Roasts Lunch at the restaurant! I really enjoy preparing meat, particularly pork. It is so versatile, and I can make all sorts of items with it from a roast to charcuterie and pâtés. I like to brine my roasts for added flavor and moisture, so the texture can also be appreciated. I’m nostalgic about, and affectionate for, pomegranates. …They are such an excellent addition to the flavor profile of a dish, especially something neutral like pork. It welcomes the richness of the pomegranate seeds and juice that make the sauce. Together they are very complementary. The squash stuffed homemade tortellini feel like a nice addition. Both are very autumnal to me, so they are timely for this season. And cooking them both using Matfer’s copper sauté and sauce pans made them that much better. That’s what I mean about consistency: excellent ingredients and excellent equipment creates excellent dishes.”

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“I cook with abundance and abandonment.  The heat of the kitchen on every level provokes that and I believe translates that intensity into the heat of the dish.  I love the feeling-it is very Zen to me. High heat cooking like stir-fry in a wok means you have to cook fast and almost ferociously.  I respect and rely on Matfer products in my kitchens. They’re beyond durable and their quality is of the highest caliber.”
– Chef Jet Tila

See how Executive Chef and Restaurant Owner Claud Beltran uses Matfer’s Products to Create Paella Perfection!

“For me, it is all about quality and authenticity. I only use the freshest of seasonal ingredients and the tools I use to make a dish have to be of that high caliber too. As an engineer who became a chef, I really respect the design, efficiency and durability of my professional kitchen utensils.”

“I really like the Giesser Messer Multi-purpose Kitchen Knife. It chops beautifully and I like how the handle feels in my hand. I can really chop and control at the same time!”

Executive Chef Claud Beltran, Co-Owner, The Eatery and Bacchus Restaurant

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Blade Length

7 3/4", 10 1/4”