Flexipat® Sheet


The FLEXIPAT® has all the advantages of the FLEXIPAN® due to its flexibility, its support and particularly its non-stick properties which makes turn out easier. It is used in a similar manner as the EXOPAT® on account of its flatness. Flexipat features raised edges in its design and it allows Flexipat to be used in a variety of ways: : – spread or pour any type of preparations: fruit jellies, ganaches, coulis, crème brulée etc. – bake biscuits. – obtain a sheet ready to assemble in frames, without wasting material. – ensure constant thickness. Mold turn out does not cause any problems on account of its flexible and non-stick properties of the FLEXIPAT®. It is very easy maintenance: just dip in soap water and clean with a soft sponge. For drying, place in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes at 212° F.

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Executive Pastry Chef Pierino Jermonti embraces the spirit of the season and works his sweet magic with Matfer products!

“Being a pastry chef is a focused art. To create is an art but to do it well- to master it-takes time and attention to every detail. Use the best ingredients and finest utensils to get the best results. Care about everything. Make sure your pastry toolbox is fully equipped to make complicated processes more simple. Matfer products for pastry are absolutely the best and I can show and tell my team all about them by exposing them to the various items. My personal toolbox is filled with Matfer materials from spatulas to pastry brushes, cutters, whisks and tips.”

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