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Exopan® Steel Non-Stick Buche Cake Mold

VARIETY OF USES: For the baking of iced, entremets-style yule logs that can be cut to any length, in individual and 4, 6, 8 person portions

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Guaranteed PFOA free, made of Matfer’s Exopan material, combines the quality of cooking in tinplate with the benefits of a non-stick surface

DURABLE & NON-STICK MATERIAL: Non-stick surface eliminates greasing and guarantees a clean release, resulting in no fear of breaking during depanning, and an easy and convenience baking experience, while the protective enamel on the exterior ensures its ultimate durability and longevity, even through heavy duty use

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Designed with a round bottom”buche” style cake baking, as well as constructed with copper wire edges to optimize heat distribution for even baking

MADE IN FRANCE: Matfer Bourgeat ensures high standards for durability, performance, and hygiene to meet the standards of professional kitchens

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Fine steel with a non-stick coating inside and protective enamel outside. Edge rolled around a copper wire for ultimate heat distribution.

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13 3/4”, 19 2/3"


1 3/4", 2 1/6"