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Disposable Toques Chefs Hats

PACK OF 10: These chef’s hats come in a pack of 10

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of non-woven vegetable fiber and a “no top” design, combining quality, lightness, comfort, and elegance.

ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable strap allows for a customize and snug fit

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These Matfer Bourgeat Disposable Toques/Chef Hats have an adjustable head measurement and come in a pack of 10. Made in France, these hats are made of non-woven vegetable fiber and a “no-top” design for breathability and lightness. Light, comfortable, crisp, and ideal for busy high-end kitchens or presentation catering. Available in two sizes, packs of 10, each pack is sold separately.

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7 1/8", 8 3/4"