Copper Unlined Sugar Pan

CLASSIC DESIGN: Unlined copper pots are the traditional cookware used for creating jams, jellies, preserves, cordials, compotes, and other fruit and sugar preparations

QUALITY MATERAL: Pure unlined red copper with an insulated steel handle that stays cool to the touch.

SUPERIOR HEAT CONDUCTIVITY: Copper evenly distributes heat for gentle, uniform cooking at all temperatures.

MADE IN FRANCE: Matfer Bourgeat ensures high standards for durability, performance, and hygiene to meet the standards of professional kitchens

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Made In France by Matfer Bourgeat, the Bourgeat Copper Sugar pan is classically designed for the preparation of fine preserves, jams, jellies, cordials, and other fruit and sugar dishes. Unlined copper construction allows for even, gentle heat distribution throughout. Insulated steel handle stays cool to the touch. Safe for all cook surfaces except induction.

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6 1/4", 7 7/8”