Bourgeat 351009 Bourgeat Copper Sauce Pan, 9-Ounce

For flambé or individual tableware. With no-pour edge.
Lid sold separately (item 351209)

3 1/2”, 1 3/4”, 9 1/2 oz.

Weight:9 oz.

UPC/EAN: 3109613510092

Category: SKU: 351009


“ Excellent ingredients and excellent equipment creates excellent dishes ”

– Chef Brendan Collins

“I love roasts. Being British, a roast feels very second nature to me. In fact instead of Sunday Brunch, I do Sunday Roasts Lunch at the restaurant! I really enjoy preparing meat, particularly pork. It is so versatile, and I can make all sorts of items with it from a roast to charcuterie and pâtés. I like to brine my roasts for added flavor and moisture, so the texture can also be appreciated. I’m nostalgic about, and affectionate for, pomegranates. …They are such an excellent addition to the flavor profile of a dish, especially something neutral like pork. It welcomes the richness of the pomegranate seeds and juice that make the sauce. Together they are very complementary. The squash stuffed homemade tortellini feel like a nice addition. Both are very autumnal to me, so they are timely for this season. And cooking them both using Matfer’s copper sauté and sauce pans made them that much better. That’s what I mean about consistency: excellent ingredients and excellent equipment creates excellent dishes.”

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