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Automatic Funnel, 0.75 QT.

Made of poly carbonate.
This funnel guarantees precision portion control and refilling of liquids, such as alcohols, jellies, coulis, sauces, creams, etc. Dishwasher safe.
Supplied with chrome-plated wire stand. Poly carbonate Automatic Funnel. Comes with one nozzle and can use Matfer nozzles #167300 to 167452. Precise dosing with thumb action. Mechanism can be dismantled for easy cleaning. Ergonomic handle.Watertight joint. Perfect visibility
when filling. Screw fixing 1/8” diameter.
Comes with one nozzle Ø 1/6”. Stupplied with stand.

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10 2/3” x x

1 lb. 4 oz.