Bakeware & Pastry Tools

Professional pastry tools for professional pastry chefs

MATFER BOURGEAT is the world’s leading producer of professional pastry tools and professional baking utensils. With Exoglass molds made of an innovative composite material suitable for both savory and sweet creations. Ideal for cooking pastry, the EXOPAN® combines the quality of professional cooking in tinplate with the benefits of anon-stick surface. EXOGLASS® BREAD MOLDS, Innovating composite material created by MATFER guarantees a very homogeneous dough-cooking and color. CONCEPT Mozaik Triangles forms individual pie MOZAÏK and their cutter revisit the presentation of a great classic pastry. FRENCH STYLE WEDDING CAKE: This unrivalled and patented system consists of superimposed inserts and stainless steel frames allowing a spectacular architecture to be put up in record-breaking time. The assembly includes wedges to allow the assembled cake to be transported safely. Browser our extensive selection of professional pastry tools and professional bakery equipment.

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