Patrice Mora

This month, in celebration of our 200 year anniversary, we are proud to feature Patrice Mora, President of Matfer Bourgeat Group. We spoke with Patrice about the history of Matfer and what we have to look forward to in the next 200 years!

Q: Approximately how many product innovations has Matfer created over the course of its 200 year history?

A: We have created more than 20,000 products in the course of our history.

Q: What was the first product Matfer Bourgeat ever created?

A: Matfer’s first product ever created was a made to measure (custom) copper pastry mold.

Q: What is the longest standing product that Matfer still sells?

A: Our Tin pastry molds!

Q: Who is using Matfer products today?

A: Leading executive chefs and pastry chefs from the finest culinary arts programs, restaurants and hotels worldwide use our products. We are proud of our client base that includes customers such as The Four Seasons®, The Wynn® Las Vegas and The Culinary Institute Le Notre (Houston, Texas).

Q: Matfer is celebrating over 200 Years of Innovation and it is still going strong! What is Matfer Bourgeat most proud of?

A: I would have to say our Exoglass® product line. It is a new generation of molds that is exclusive to Matfer. The material’s extra heat resistancy keeps its original shape and will not lose its form. And the Exoglass® mold has excellent heat diffusion for the most complex recipes.

Q: You mentioned there have been over 20,000 number of product innovations from Matfer over the course of your history. What does Matfer use as a basis for new product innovation?

A: We base our new product development upon creation, direct feedback and suggestions from executive and pastry chefs who use our products.

Q: Are there any new product innovations Executive and Pastry Chefs can look forward to this year?

A: We are looking forward to releasing our new wedding cake mold and stand this year.

Q: If there was one thing you would like new to Matfer chefs know about your products . . what would it be?

A: I believe new as well as current chefs who use Matfer products would be interested in knowing about the introduction of new materials such as Exoglass® that we offer within our product lines.

Q: Looking into the next 25-200 years . . . What is Matfer most excited about?

A: We are truly excited about the opportunity to continue to support fine pastry and cuisine worldwide.


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