Chef Kriss Harvey and Matfer Bourgeat Team Up to Create the Matfer Spiral Whisk

Chocolatier Kriss Harvey, of &Sons Chocolatiers in Beverly Hills, California, is a longtime devotée of Matfer Bourgeat products. When Matfer CEO Patrice Mora visited Los Angeles in 2016, the two had lunch, and Harvey mentioned to Mora a tool he had been dreaming of- a flat head spiral whisk that could hold up to the rigors and specifications of commercial pastry arts. The two went their separate ways. Then, in December of 2018, Chef Harvey received an email.

Dear Kriss,

When we met in 2016, you made a great suggestion: a high quality, professional, food safe, flat bottom spiral whisk with a longer handle.As a result of that conversation, along with feedback from our R&D team, we’re happy to introduce a whisk that we hope will fulfill your needs. The new Spiral Whisk will debut in the 2019 catalog and will be available in July/August.As a thank you, we will be sending you a preview supply of the new whisk in April/May. We hope you will use it and let us know what you think.We value our relationship with you and look forward to many more years of creative exchange.I hope you have a lovely holiday season, and I wish you and &Sons tremendous success in 2019!

Kindest Regards,

Patrice Mora

Mora took Chef Harvey’s idea back to the Matfer Bourgeat Research and Development kitchen in Longny, France, and after more than two years of product design, testing, and French “savoir-faire,” the Matfer Spiral Whisk was realized.

On a recent day at the @Sons production kitchen in downtown Los Angeles, Chef Harvey patrolled a batch of pâte de fruit with the Spiral Whisk, or “Krissk,” as his students and followers playfully call it. “The spring is so thorough,” Harvey explains, gently increasing the temperature on his Breville Polyscience Control Freak. “You get great contact with the bottom of the pot and great access to the corners.”

“One of the things I suggested when I spoke to Patrice was the lip on the handle, to prevent the whisk from slipping into a large pot or rondeau. That way you stay safe and sanitary when you’re making your crëme anglaise, or hot caramel, or what have you.”

“I had been using a household item of a similar style that had some flaws to it, including a lack of hygiene and NSP passability. And it was a little short, and had a metal handle… But Matfer knocked it out of the park. One of the beautiful things about the whisks that Matfer manufactures is they will never break. Same with the cookware, the pots and pans. I’ll have them forever. They’re made right, they aren’t laminated, they can take heat, and they won’t warp.”

The Spiral Whisk incorporates the functional design and durability famous in Matfer Bourgeat Piano Whisks combined with an innovative, hinged flat-head design. Its proprietary Exoglass handle is 11.5” long and heat resistant to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, featuring a flared pommel to prevent the whisk from slipping into pots. The hinged whisk head is made of stainless steel with a removable coil for easy cleaning. At a diameter of 3 ½”, the whisk head ensures constant contact with the bottom of the pot, allowing precise control over delicate incorporations like pâte de fruit or crème patissiére.

Find your Matfer Bourgeat Spiral Whisk from your local dealer or at Chef Kriss Harvey’s Amazon Shop, and follow @krissharv3y for gear reviews, tips, and other professional pastry content.