Small Plates. Bold Bites!

    Big things come in small packages but bigger, better and bolder flavors are being created on sensational small plates! The current small plate phenomenon sweeping its way onto restaurant menus may seem like a fad but this is far from the case. In fact, this delectable tradition has been around the world for centuries.
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  • EXECUTIVE CHEF MICHAEL BRYANT, The Churchill, Los Angeles CA
    Bigger beautiful bites beckon on a smaller plate sensation that is piled high with sustainable seafood and fresh farm ingredients seasoned with gorgeous garlic and happening hot harissa. See how Chopped Winner and Executive Chef Michael Bryant uses the Matfer Bourgeat small copper pan for a ravishing small plate result
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    Matfer Bourgeat is proudly sponsoring the Field to Vase Dinner Tour.
    Field to Vase is a one of a kind dining experience that brings together local chefs, seasonal ingredients, flowers and farms.
    Join Matfer at this month’s April dinner in Carlsbad, CA!
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